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Putting all your eggs into one basket in a salty world: how does salinity affect sea slug reproduction?

Last year, Marlynn Rollins examined how temperature and salinity affect the size and number of eggs that sea slugs lay. This year, she’s back to fine-tune her results. Listen as she describes her work

Hallucinogens can change the structure of neurons

David Olson, an assistant professor of chemistry and mentor to CCBGAP student Alaysia Madison, has found that some psychedelic drugs can alter the appearance and action of neurons. These changes suggest that hallucinogenic compounds might offer promise as a treatment for anxiety disorders that affect neuronal circuits. The research, published in the 12 June issue of Cell Reports, also included MCBGAP faculty member Kassandra Ori-McKinney.
Olson Lab research featured on cover of Cell Reports

Davis life: warm weather and a long day in the lab, ….

…topped off by a successful foraging excursion, with one’s major professor picking up the tab.

Grad Slam results

Tooka Zokaie, a graduate student in Public Health, won first prize at the 2018 UC Davis Grad Slam for her talk about how access to oral health care resources affects health maintenance and disease prevention. But guess who won “People’s Choice”?

Even Pamela Jennings, Director of Graduate Studies at the UC Office of the President (shown with Microbiology doctoral candidate and EEGAP alumna Allie Igwe), attended and cheered on the finalists. Audience members learned about topics that included oral health, earthquakes, marsh cordgrass restoration, variability in heart cells, and reconstruction of a Neanderthal pelvis, and the contestants all demonstrated superb skills in communicating research results.

In the words of Graduate Dean Prasant Mohapatra, “We’re incredibly proud of each and every one that participated in this year’s competition. Grad Slam is one of the highlights of our year – a rare opportunity to celebrate the work and talents of some of UC Davis’ brightest graduate students.”

Angel Rogers update

Angel (Rogers) Charles, from the 2013 EEGAP cohort and now a medical student at Cornell Weill, recently received a research fellowship from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Clinical Research Mentorship program and will work with her mentor, David Scheinberg, to develop targeted immunotherapy to treat HPV-induced cancers.


Professors for the Future, 2018-2019, including….


Professors for the Future, UC Davis’ year-long competitive fellowship program, helps graduate student leaders to develop and share their skills with peers. Check back soon for an update on Mayowa’s project.

We’re on “Team Mayowa”…

Are you?

Mayowa describes her path and her reaction to making it to the Grad Slam Finals. It’s not too late to reserve a ticket!


Reflections by Chancellor May and his mom

Gary S. May is UC Davis’ first African American chancellor and his mom, Gloria May, was one of nine African American students who integrated the University of Missouri in 1950.

“How I got from there to here”

More on Mayowa: an interview full of insights, including a three-sentence synopsis of her research, and shout-outs to Mary McKenna, Peter Wainwright, and the UC HBCU Initiative.

Mayowa in Grad Slam 2018!

Mayowa Adegboyega, EEGAP alumna and anthropology doctoral candidate, is a finalist for the 2018 Grad Slam Competition. To cheer her on at the finals, get tickets at eventbrite. Go Mayowa!