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Academic Year

The EEGAP academic year program will promote research collaborations between UC Davis and Howard University faculty and prepare students to join their mentors in summer research at UC Davis. It consists of three components: a visit by UC Davis faculty to Howard University; monthly videoconference meetings between EEGAP scholars and their UC Davis mentors; and a spring visit to UC Davis by Howard University faculty and students.

  1. Fall visit to Howard: a visit by UC Davis faculty and grad students will enable Howard University undergraduates to gain a feel for the spectrum of research in ecology and evolution at UC Davis. In addition, informal discussion groups will enable undergraduates to ask specific questions about research opportunities, the graduate school application process, and options for gaining additional experience prior to applying for graduate study.
  2. Apply for EEGAP: due on 1 November
  3. Monthly winter videoconferences between EEGAP scholarsĀ and UC Davis mentors will help introduce students to the scientific questions that they will investigate and prepare them for summer research.
  4. A spring site visit to Davis by Howard University undergraduates and faculty will include trips to field sites and participation in mentors’ laboratory meetings and reading groups. Participants also will get a first-hand look at graduate study, the graduate student community, and the Davis campus, including a dinner discussion with members of the UC Davis Black Graduate and Professional Student Association.


Questions about EEGAP? Contact Carole Hom (clhom@ucdavis.edu) or Professor Mary McKenna at Howard (mmckenna@howard.edu).