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Be sure to catch seminars by Rick Grosberg and Louie Yang, UC Davis faculty and EEGAP menntors, Wednesday, 6 September 2017.

Summer research and mentoring

Summer research lies at the heart of the EEGAP program. From mid-June to early August, EEGAP scholars can expect to work side-by-side with UC Davis faculty and graduate students in original field and laboratory research, gaining new skills and intellectual independence along the way.

Scholars from UC Davis’ HBCU STEM initiatives — MCBGAPCCBGAP, PABGAP, and EEGAP — will participate in weekly sessions in professional development that focus on preparing applications for graduate study and career development. As part of this program, scholars will write drafts of statements of purpose and personal histories for graduate applications, and interact with current UC Davis graduate students and faculty in panel discussions. EEGAP scholars also will complete a GRE prep course that meets 3 hours per week.

Scholars also will have opportunities to explore California’s rich array of natural wonders in field trips led by faculty, as well as self-guided excursions on weekends.

Summer will close with a mini research symposium in which HBCU scholars present their work to their peers, UC Davis faculty and graduate students, and family members whose travel is supported by UC Davis.

Last, but not least, mentors will remain in contact with summer scholars during their senior year to guide preparation of applications for graduate programs and co-advise honors theses and preparation of publications of research results.

“Once I completed the EEGAP program, I had a list of graduate schools
that I would be applying to and my graduate school application components were near completion. It was very beneficial to my development as a research scientist and it gave me the confidence to begin the graduate school application process.” – DeAshia Lee
Professional development meeting with Rick Grosberg, Howard University students, and UC LEADS students. Photo courtesy of Adina Boyce/UC Davis.


“When I received the announcement, I almost couldn’t even believe it. It’s been an interesting week with the UCD PhD acceptance and midterms, but I am truly excited about finally being able to do what I love full-time.”