ucop_hbcu_davis_2015-112_fred2_elenazhukovaThe Evolution and Ecology Graduate Admission Pathways (EEGAP) program is a partnership that provides Howard University undergraduates with summer research at UC Davis and joint mentoring by Howard University and UC Davis faculty.

The EEGAP program takes a comprehensive approach to student intellectual development through seminars, video conferences, site visits, and mentoring to prepare students for summer research at UC Davis and competitive applications to graduate programs in ecology and evolution.

For more information about the EEGAP program, browse these pages or contact Academic Coordinator Carole Hom (clhom@ucdavis.edu).

About EEGAP: The Evolution & Ecology Graduate Admissions Pathways program is an initiative funded by the University of California Office of the President, and the UC Davis College of Biological Sciences, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, and Office of Graduate Studies to help Howard University undergraduates prepare for admission to graduate programs in ecology and evolutionary biology.



Anne Todgham, UC Davis
Hot and sour fish: Investigating how Antarctic fishes will cope with changing ocean conditions

Wednesday, noon
28 September 2016

Howard University, 320 Just Hall